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Plubber is an expert company specializing in manufacturing and applying elastic flooring materials such as rubber blocks, mats and roll sheets (track field). Since home grown technology development of Sheet-type Elastic Surfacing material(roll sheet) for the first time in Korea in 2010, our product has been certified by the IAAF in 2012, designated excellent product by Korea’s Public Procurement Service in 2013, selected as the official field track for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade. The product confidently passed strict standards of field tests by the IAAF and obtained Class-1 Certificate for the international standards. Our product is recognized as No.1 in the domestic market of elastic field track flooring materials.

The roll sheet is safer and more stable product than any other conventional elastic surfacing materials. The material boasts high durability, addressing a weakness in the existing rubber chip surfacing material or urethane packaging (for field track), and is free from harmful chemicals, unlike the conventional urethane track, as it is made of eco-friendly and pure rubber material. It is widely used in various cases including field tracks, multi-purpose sports arenas, path for joggers and walk alleys. In particular, the product is the final product with high durability unlike any other mass-produced products for construction sites, and can show consistent quality and property regardless of any versatile external conditions.

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