[Notice] IAAF Certification obtained

2016-08-31 11:59
The Plubber Roll Sheet developed in Korea for the first time obtained the IAAF quality certification. For the past two years, the product obtained KISS certification by Korea Sports Promotion Foundation followed by performance verification certificate from Small and Medium Business Agency, KS Certification and other representative certification and eventually passed the IAAF quality assurance certification early December last year. After the administrative procedures of IAAF, the certificate was issued Jan. 7th as well as K-Mark from the KTL that was applied simultaneously.

Despite our high quality products, many customers used other urethane complex elastic materials or rubber chip elastic materials for their school playgrounds because those materials are cheaper. However, now the quality has become the priority surpassing the price, and we vow to exert ourselves to utilize the opportunity to promote our Plubber Roll Sheet further in projects from daily recreational sports centers in the neighborhoods to official sports stadiums. We would like to once again thank our customers who have been using our products, trusting us with the product quality, even before the obtaining of the IAAF certification.

Thank you.
Attachment : 1360279326-1.pdf