Paving-Type Elastic Surfacing Material

■ Product Classification


EPDM Single-Layer Surfacing EPDM Double-Layer Surfacing  Urethane Complex-Layer Elastic Surfacing  Embossed Urethane Complex-Layer Elastic Surfacing 
1111 2222 3333 4444

Pedestrian path,

jogging trail

Use for Kids’ Facilities

Impact absorption flooring material

Multi-purpose sports arena

such as basketball court or foot volleyball court

Urethane Field Track

EP15T G2B:21000417

EP20T G2B:21000418

EPC55 G2B:22757168

EPC65 G2B:22757171

EPC75 G2B:22757169

EPC95 G2B:22757170

TU123 G2B:21000430 LUE15T G2B:22794247
111 222 333 444


■Features of Plubber Elastic Surfacing Material


01. Safe product that passed the tests for harmful chemicals

02. Use and apply EPDM chips directly produced → Securing consistency for the quality of the material

03. High-elasticity / Low-gravity product with excellent quality and economicality

05. Colors verified by the aging UV test on EPDM chips



High-quality formulation ingredients


Plubber’s unique formulation technology


Highest level of EDPM rubber content

Retain high-elasticity and low-gravity

* Other peer elastic surfacing materials company purchases EPDM chip materials from the outside market so it is difficult to retain the consistency and quality of the materials and to respond actively and promptly to damages.

* EPDM chips are products subject to marking the Country of Origin, so it is crucial to use such EPDM products with the mark on only.


■ Product Comparison for high elasticity / low weight: PLUBBER EPDM Chips




EPDM chips directly produced by Plubber boast high elasticity and low gravity so they are excellent in quality but also in price competitiveness.



Competitor A

Competitor B

No. of EPDM Chips Used 

(per 15mm / )

10  kg

11.3 kg

12.5 kg

EPDM Chip Price / kg

KRW 1,400

KRW 1,300

KRW 1,200

Material Cost /㎡

KRW 14,000

KRW 14,690

KRW 15,000

* The lower the volume or portion is, the higher the content of EPDM rubber and the higher the elasticity is.



■ Safe products that passed harmful chemicals verification test

Test Items


Test Results


Heavy Metals


90 or lower

None detected


50 or lower

None detected


25 or lower

None detected


25 or lower

None detected


50 or lower

None detected


10 or lower

None detected



■ Product Certificates

KS Certificates (Types 1,2,3,5,6,9)

Group Standard Certificates

(Paving-type No.1, EPDM Rubber Powder)