Sheet-type elastic surfacing material [Roll sheet]

 ■ A new kind of innovative & multi-purpose elastic surfacing material 

(for field tracks, multi-purpose sports arena, jogging trail, walk alleys, pedestrian bridge etc.)




■ Final Molded Product Produced from the Plant

롤시트 롤시트생산라인


 Our products are final products produced at the plant as elastic surfacing material unlike other peer products that need to be applied on site. As such they have high durability, strength against tension and absorption capability against shock.

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– The thickness and the elasticity are maintained regardless of the site / application conditions. The product can be attached right on site and is applicable immediately and quickly.



■ Functional Structures of Each Layer (Upper / Lower)

111111 222222

Embossed Upper Layer 

Highest Durability against

the Wear and Tear&

Consistent Frictional Force on the surface  

Beehive-Structured Lower Layer

Excellent Shock Absorption and

Improved Flooring Adhesion




■ Eco-Friendly Elastic Surfacing Material free from harmful chemicals

 – Safe product made of natural rubber and synthetic rubber

 – No harmful chemicals detected, including four major heavy metals, Phthalate, T-vocs and Pahs


– Comparison between Roll Sheets and Urethane Products –




■ Harmfulness Test Certificate for Plubber Roll Sheet

1as 2as 3as 4as

Four heavy metals


Antimony, arsenic,

zinc Others

Six kinds of phthalates


■ Quality Assurance over Harmful Chemicals

 Plubber Co. Kr. provides  indefinite quality assurance over free-of-harmful-chemicals through its high quality products. rubbrt


■ Certified as Korea’s first IAAF-certified Class 1 Roll Sheet Track


Plubber’s Roll Sheet is selected as the official field track material for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade after passing strict field test standard thereby winning international recognition of Class-1 Certificate from IAAF. The product is recognized as Korea’s best quality product in the field track industry. 


  • First-ever Nine-second range finish achieved for Men’s 100m Sprint in the Summer Universiade
  • National athlete Kook-young Kim set Korea’s new record in Men’s 100m Sprint




■ Procurement Registration Status (three-party-contract products recognized as excellently procured)


Item Classification No ID No. Standard (Thickness) Usages


(Sheet-Type Elastic Surfacing Material)

22440662 PMS13R, 13mm

Field Track
Basketball Court, Foot Volleyball Court etc.
Multi-Purpose Sports Arena
Jogging Trail, Pedestrian Path, Walk Alleys
Indoor Sports Facilities


PMS9R, 9mm
22440712 PMSC15R, 15mm
22565827 PMS20R, 20mm
22565828 PMS25R, 25mm




■ Product Certificate


1 laaf

IAAF Certificate

Class-1 Certificate

Certificate of Verifying Excellent Products (Korea’s Public Procurement Service)

Certificate of Verifying Excellent Products (Korea’s Public Procurement Service)

KS Certificate (KSF 3888-2)

K-Mark Certificate